An overview over new features and fixes being released in both the official release and the nightly builds.

Web Essentials 2012/2013/2015 works best with SideWaffle Template Pack.

Web Essentials 2015

Requires Visual Studio 2015 CTP 6

  1. Markdown support for C# code blocks
  2. Syntax highlighting to Markdown preview
  3. Fixed issue with Twitter card completion
  4. Updates to ZenCoding
  5. Added #region snippet to JavaScript
  6. Fixed duplicated CSS selector in media queries
  • Aurelia support
  • Light Bulbs in the HTML editor
  • Markdown editor now uses CommonMark.NET
  • Support for new JavaScript APIs in Intellisense
  • Intellisense and colorizing for Dockerfile
  • Accessibility fixes for the Browser Link menu
  • Removed features now built in to VS2015 CTP 6
  • Colorization of .gitignore
  • Bug fixes and tweaks
  • Works with Visual Studio 2015 CTP 5
  • Removed bunding, minification and image sprite support
    • Use Grunt or Gulp instead
  • Fixed Bootstrap btn validator
  • Fixed WE logo's background color in the Browser Link menu
  • Updated all the namespaces to match VS CTP 5
  • Added Grunt JavaScript snippets
  • Intellisense for grunt.loadNpmTasks("")
  • Added GruntFile.js now marked as build type "None"
  • Improved editor watermark logic
  • Added dynamic ARIA Intellisense in HTML
  • HTML <meta rel="logo"> validator
  • Updated editor watermark feature
  • Added Grunt/Bower install button in project context menu. See video
  • Intellisense for GulpFile.js
  • Intellisense for GruntFile.js

See video of Grunt and Gulp Intellisense

  • Moved editor watermarks to lower right corner
  • Improved JavaScript Intellisense
  • Icons for additional CSS frameworks
  • Updated Markdown editor

Web Essentials 2013

  • Fixes a crash in HTML class attributes
  • JSON tooltip on hover
  • JSON commands for comment/uncomment
  • Editor watermarks for new file types
  • Removed all node.js based tools â—¦Sass/LESS compilers
    • JSHint/JSCS linters
    • CSS AutoPrefixer
    • Handlebars compiler
    • SweetJS/LiveScript compilers
  • New CSS Intellisense icons for known frameworks

Important! This version requires Visual Studio Update 4 RC

  • Updated LESS and Sass compilers
  • Updates to CSS Media Query Intellisense
  • Added Handlebars compiler
  • Updates to the Markdown editor
  • Removed features that's now in Update 4 RC
  • Bootstrap and Angular icons in HTML Intellisense
  • Added Angular class name Intellisense
  • CSS snippets for gradients
  • Support for .jshintignore
  • TypeScript fixes
  • CSS snippets for gradients
  • Updated JavaScript Intellisense with modern APIs
  • Updated folder structure of WE source code
  • New Sass Smart Tags for extracting variables
  • Color glyph added to Sass variable declarations
  • Added color glyphs to the Intellisense list
  • Fixed CSS specificity for LESS and Sass
  • Angular.js Intellisense in the JavaScript editor
  • Updated defalut TSLint settings
  • Fixed automatic CSS schema update mechanism
  • Source Maps reading support in preview window
  • CSS filter for uncommon property names

For the complete list of releases, go to the GitHub Release page of the project.