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Important! Bundling, minification and compilation of LESS, Sass and CoffeeScript is not longer part of Web Essentials 2015.

Install the new extensions Bundler & Minifier and Web Compiler instead. Also, see this list of other web development extensions that might be of interest to you.

Web Essentials 2015

Important!! Requires Visual Studio 2015 RTM

Important! Requires Visual Studio 2015 RC

Requires Visual Studio 2015 CTP 6

  1. Markdown support for C# code blocks
  2. Syntax highlighting to Markdown preview
  3. Fixed issue with Twitter card completion
  4. Updates to ZenCoding
  5. Added #region snippet to JavaScript
  6. Fixed duplicated CSS selector in media queries
  • Aurelia support
  • Light Bulbs in the HTML editor
  • Markdown editor now uses CommonMark.NET
  • Support for new JavaScript APIs in Intellisense
  • Intellisense and colorizing for Dockerfile
  • Accessibility fixes for the Browser Link menu
  • Removed features now built in to VS2015 CTP 6
  • Colorization of .gitignore
  • Bug fixes and tweaks
  • Works with Visual Studio 2015 CTP 5
  • Removed bunding, minification and image sprite support
    • Use Grunt or Gulp instead
  • Fixed Bootstrap btn validator
  • Fixed WE logo's background color in the Browser Link menu
  • Updated all the namespaces to match VS CTP 5
  • Added Grunt JavaScript snippets
  • Intellisense for grunt.loadNpmTasks("")
  • Added GruntFile.js now marked as build type "None"
  • Improved editor watermark logic
  • Added dynamic ARIA Intellisense in HTML
  • HTML <meta rel="logo"> validator
  • Updated editor watermark feature
  • Added Grunt/Bower install button in project context menu. See video
  • Intellisense for GulpFile.js
  • Intellisense for GruntFile.js

See video of Grunt and Gulp Intellisense

  • Moved editor watermarks to lower right corner
  • Improved JavaScript Intellisense
  • Icons for additional CSS frameworks
  • Updated Markdown editor

Web Essentials 2013

  • Support for VS2013 Update 5
  • Fixes for CSS source map processing
  • Line/column consistency fixed for JS linters
  • Made Microdata validation optional
  • ZenCoding updated
  • Many, many bug fixes and tweaks
  • Fixes a crash in HTML class attributes
  • JSON tooltip on hover
  • JSON commands for comment/uncomment
  • Editor watermarks for new file types
  • Removed all node.js based tools â—¦Sass/LESS compilers
    • JSHint/JSCS linters
    • CSS AutoPrefixer
    • Handlebars compiler
    • SweetJS/LiveScript compilers
  • New CSS Intellisense icons for known frameworks

Important! This version requires Visual Studio Update 4 RC

  • Updated LESS and Sass compilers
  • Updates to CSS Media Query Intellisense
  • Added Handlebars compiler
  • Updates to the Markdown editor
  • Removed features that's now in Update 4 RC
  • Bootstrap and Angular icons in HTML Intellisense
  • Added Angular class name Intellisense
  • CSS snippets for gradients
  • Support for .jshintignore

For the complete list of releases, go to the GitHub Release page of the project.