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Web Essentials ships with a range of Browser Link features that are all available from a menu that is injected onto your website when Browser Link is running.

browser link



If you don't care to see the menu all the time, check this checkbox to make it be invisible by default. To toggle visibility of the menu, just click the Ctrl key in the browser.

Inspect Mode

When the mouse hovers DOM elements on the page in any browser, Visual Studio will open the source file and mark the exact location that generated the specific DOM element.

Design Mode

Works like Inspect Mode but when you finally click a DOM element in the browser, that element becomes editable. Any edits are transferred into Visual Studio in real time to update the source file.

Best Practices

Web Essentials uses some of the rules from to scan for best practices. If any violations are found, a message in the Error List shows up.

Save F12 changes

When making edits in the various browser's developer tools, you can click Save F12 changes to automatically transfer the changes back to their source files in Visual Studio. This works with CSS changes only.

F12 auto-sync

Instead of manually clicking Save F12 changes, you can stream the changes back to Visual Studio in real time.

Find Unused CSS

Clicking this button will start recording the different CSS rules used on your site. Simply start navigating around you website, and when you're done, click the button again. This will produce a list of unused CSS in the Error List inside Visual Studio.